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      Celebrate Your Birthday with Your Birth Flower Jewelry——January Snowdrop

      Posted by Only One


      Everyone Has a Birth Flower, and Each One Has a Secret Meaning. Do you know what your corresponding birthday flower is? Let's start with the January.


      Snowdrop has always been a symbol of purity and beauty because of its white appearance. It has a long linear stem, at the top of the stem, a single small white drooping bell-shaped flower was in full bloom.

      It is the first flower to bloom at the end of winter and the beginning of spring while there is still snow on the ground. They give gardens an early start when most flowers are still dormant. In company with the carnation, snowdrops are the official flower for January birthdays.








      It also symbolizes hope. It was said that when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Eden. It’s winter at that time and there’s snow everywhere. Eve was frozen and fell into a deep despair. Her eyes were watering and soon, she fell to her knees. An angel reached down and picked up a snowflake, with a gentle breath, the snowflake fell and became snowdrops. “This gift I give you is the gift of Hope.” Said by the angel.







      Snowdrop themed items will be a great gift idea for the girls who were born in January, as well as who brings hope to your life.





      It is important to know that the snowdrop is toxic to all animals and humans. So do not use around children and pets.