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      holiday party jewelry tips

      Posted by Adorn Themes Collaborator



      Holiday parties are just around the corner, and you may think of the outfits that you’ll wear for those events. The little black dress and the blazer, these are never complete without the perfect jewelry. Here are our holiday party jewelry tips that will help you spice up any outfit.



      1. A Set of Classic Jewelry


      Having a set of classic jewelry will help you save time especially during last minute holiday party invites. A simple gold necklace, bracelet, earrings, or ring will be a good choice, as they will look great with off-shoulder little black dress. For example, this OnlyOne 925 STERLING SILVER SCRIPT NAME NECKLACE #N132.




      2. At Least 2 Statement Pieces 



      For parties that require you to dress up a bit more formal, a statement jewelry piece can spice up your outfit! Choose one statement piece and let it stand out. Pair your look with a statement necklace. Put your hair up and wear the statement earring! Also, remember to choose something extra sparkly for a statement piece! For example, this OnlyOne 925 STERLING SILVER BIRTHSTONE ENGRAVED COIN NAME NECKLACE.



      3. the Mix and Match



      If you can master the art of mixing and matching your jewelry, you will surely dress to impress. Layer 2 simple gold link necklaces together! And the possibilities of mixing and matching are endless! For example, this OnlyOne PERSONALIZED CUSTOM ENGRAVING BABY'S NAME NECKLACE 925 STERLING SILVER GOLD, SILVER, ROSE GOLD.





      4.Keep It Simple



      A little black dress paired with a classic pearl necklace will never go out of style, which one can pair with anything in the closet. And when going to a formal party, a pair of diamond earrings will complement an evening look.And this OnlyOne 925 Sterling Silver Personalized Circle Stud Monogram Earrings will spice up your evening outfit!


      Come and try more possible jewelry matches at OnlyOne!