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      How To Keep Your 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Shiny

      Posted by Only One

      Sterling Silver, on the other hand, consists of 92.5% silver, and the remaining part consists of copper – mostly copper. This is the reason why Sterling Silver is popularly referred to as 925 Sterling Silver or just 925 Silver.

      The reason silver needs to be combined with other metals is that it is very difficult to make great designs with just pure silver, which is very soft and malleable. A bit of hardness has to be introduced, by adding other metals such as copper. That’s why jewelers are capable of making the most intricate and complex designs with 925 Sterling Silver.

      As the style of 925 silver jewelry becomes more and more abundant, it has been widely recognized by the society. For a company engaged in the jewelry industry, designing jewelry that is popular with the public is our first pruority. How to keep it shiny is the first priority for who has 925 sterling silver jewelry. Jewelry with poor maintenance will lose its luster quickly, and the life of jewelry will be greatly reduced.

      Here are four tips from onlyonejewelry.com designer to maintain your 925 sterling silver jewelry:

      1. Wear it often

      The fat secreted by the human body can form a protective film on the outside of our jewelry to prevent oxygen from oxidizing it. Then the jewelry will keep shiny.

      2. Store in a sealed bag

      It should be packed in a plastic bag to isolate the air and keep it sealed when you don't worn it.

      3. Use a silver wipe cloth

      The package we sent contains a jewelry wipe cloth. If your jewelry starts to oxidize and becomes duck, you can use the wipe cloth to wipe the surface oxide. You can also use the foam earser.

      4. Keep away from irritating liquid

      Silver jewelry needs to be taken off in hot springs, bathing, swimming, to avoid contact with soap and other liquids that easily damage the gloss of the silver jewelry.