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      new school year gifts

      Posted by Adorn Themes Collaborator



      Summer ends, and many students start their new school year life. Since the first day at school is long and tough, some unique gifts can close the gap between each other. Whether they are starting primary school to going to college, Only One necklace as a great gift will make the grade.





      For the Children

      It is significant to prepare some things for your children to spend the first day at school. Pack a home-made lunch and go outside. You can also prepare exquisite stationaries and labels. When your children come back from school, let them write down what goals they want to reach at the end of the year. Then until that day, you and your children can see how they accomplish it. You can host a dinner outside with their favourite food, and the 925 Sterling Silver Custom Photo Necklace will celebrate this joyful moment with your children’s photo.






      For the Parent


      The first day of school means the end of summer holiday and start of new step. Get into spirit with the necklace inlay with the photo of you and your children. Engrave the words on the back of the necklace to record this period. Take the 925 Sterling Silver Color Photo Message Necklace to keep the good memory. And for a little “self- time” after the summer heat, treat yourself with a relax day with close friends and have a little unwinding.








      For the Teacher

      New school year teacher gifts are important, as they appreciate teachers for their hard work and supervision with your children.

      A teacher needs to give lessons and run on caffeine every day. Gift a teacher with a cute mug and a unique necklace of special meaning. The 925 Sterling Silver Coin Engraved Name Necklace is a good choice, because the word “teach, love, inspire” on it can express your respect and gratitude for the teachers.





      The followings are some jewelry gift recommendations for you, come and find more at OnlyOne!



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