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      12-month birthstone jewelry

      Posted by Adorn Themes Collaborator



      Among many kinds of popular jewelry nowadays, birthstones are very special and precious. They can enhance your charm, and have different meanings of 12 months. The appearance of birthstones can be dated back to ancient times. Gems were used in the jewelry. Here at OnlyOne jewelry, you will have a full understanding of these birthstones gems.


      1.January – Garnet

          Garnet, the deep bright red gem, is the Only One birthstone for January. It is composed of silicate minerals that have been used since the Bronze Age. The name “garnet” comes from the Latin word “Garanatus,” meaning “seed,” as it looks like beautiful red seeds in a pomegranate.


      Garnet is called the “Gem of Faith”, because in the legend, it can bring peace, prosperity, and good health. It is also the symbol of forever friendship, thus it’s a good gift for your good friends. For example, this kind of Only One 925 Sterling Silver Birthstone Signature Name Necklace with Garnet, you can engrave the name of your friend or lover.





      2.February – Amethyst

           The Only One birthstone of February is the beautiful purple gem, the amethyst. It is composed of quartz and gets its color from irradiation and iron impurities.


      The name “amethyst” comes from the Ancient Greek word “methustos,” which means “intoxicated.” In ancient times, it was believed to protect people from drunkenness.


      Amethyst is often associated with positive energy. It can help you to stay calm and happy. For example, this Only One 925 Sterling Silver Initial Birthstone Engraved Coin Necklace with Amethyst.




      3.March – Aquamarine

          The Only One March birthstone is Aquamarine, which is in the blue sea color. It is a variety of a mineral called beryl.


      In the past, the blue of Aquamarine was said to make the temper cooler to protect sailors.


      Aquamarine is considered as a stone of eternal youth and happiness. Thus children and teenagers will be happy to receive this birthstone as a gift, for example, this Only One 925 Sterling Silver Birthstone Signature Name Necklace  with Aquamarine.





      4.April – Diamond

           Diamond, which shines in bright luster, is the birthstone of April. It is the hardest gemstone and is made of carbon.


      In early human history, diamond were used as engraving tools. But then it was religious coins in ancient India.


      Nowadays, diamond is always symbolized eternal and lasting love. It’s a meaningful and beautiful gift, and this Only One 925 Sterling Silver Birthstone Engraved Cursive Name Necklace will be a good choice for you.





      5.May – Emerald

          The birthstone of May is Emerald, which can range from light green to deep green. Emerald is a variety of beryl, a mineral that grows with six sides and up to a foot in length.


      Emerald, derived from the word “smaragdus,” which means “green” in Greek. If the Emerald is deeper green, it will be more valuable.


      Today, emerald is a symbol of loyalty, new beginnings. It suits for the senior people, as it is widely prized by the rich and famous. You can find this Only One ring with Emerald 925 Sterling Silver Personalized Birthstone Open Ring With Initial.




      6.June – Alexandrite

           Alexandrite is the birthstone of June, which is a rare variety of the mineral chrysoberyl.


      The name Alexandrite comes from the gemstone was first discovered on the day of Prince Alexander II of Russia’s birthday. 


      As a symbol of concentration and learning, Alexandrite is believed to strengthen intuition, aid creativity and inspire imagination. Thus it suits for the school students, for example, the Only One 925 Sterling Silver Birthstone Vertical Engraved Bar Name Necklace.





      7.July – Ruby

          The birthstone of July is Ruby, and it's one of the most coveted of gems.


      The name “Ruby” is derived from the Latin word ruber, meaning “red”, which represents love and passion.


      Due to its deep red color, ruby has long been associated with the life force and vitality of blood. So at OnlyOne, we recommend this 925 Sterling Silver Initial Birthstone Two Coin Necklace.





      8.August – Peridot

           The birthstone of August is Peridot, which is widely recognized by its brilliant lime green. It is the rare gem-quality variety of the common mineral olivine.


      Peridot is known as “the Evening Emerald” for its sparkling green hue, it looks good at any time of the day.


      Peridot is the symbol of “gem of the sun” and is a beautiful match for the lush green in summer. So it’s a good gift to bring you good spirits all day, such as this Only One necklace 925 Sterling Silver Birthstone Vertical Puzzle Engraved Bar Name Necklace.





      9.September – Sapphire

          The birthstone of September is Sapphire, capturing the deep blue colors of twilight. It is a variety of the mineral corundum, whose hardness is second only to diamond.


      The name “sapphire” comes from the Latin word sapphires, meaning “blue stone”. And some believe it was from the Sanskrit word sanipriya which means “dear to Saturn.”


      Sapphire is associated with focusing the mind and maintaining self-discipline. You can consider it as a good gift for students, such as this Only One 925 Sterling Silver Personalized Birthstone And Initial Cuff Ring.





      10.October – Opal

          Opal is the October birthstone, which is a form of Silica. It is divided into two types: precious and common.


      The name “opal” originates from the Greek word opallios, which means to “see a change in color”. Opals are often referred to “body color”—black or white.


      However, wearing opal needs the extra care. For centuries, people have associated this gemstone with good luck. So this 925 Sterling Silver 4 Birthstone Heart Name Necklace is a good option.





      11.November – Citrine

          Citrine is the birthstone of November, which is a variety of quartz that ranges from pale yellow to orange in color.


      The name “Citrine” originated from the "citrine", which was used to refer to yellow gemstones.


      Nowadays, it is still one of the most affordable and frequently purchased yellow gemstones, for example, this Only One 925 Sterling Silver Birthstone Signature Name Necklace.





      12.December – Turquoise

          The birthstone of December is the Turquoise. It is known for its distinct color, ranging from powdery blue to greenish robin’s egg blue. 


      The word “Turquoise” came from the French expression pierre tourques, which references the “Turkish stone”.


      Wearing a Turquoise necklace helps you feel the positive, life-affirming vibes. So it’s a good gift for those who need heart-healing, and this 925 Sterling Silver Infinity Birthstone Names Necklace will be suitable for you.