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      Dear onlyonejewelry users:

      With the outbreak of the covid-19 virus becoming uncontrollable in many countries. Our company must ensure that the products are delivered to customers following the health and hygiene standards of the World Health Organization, and the health and use experience of customers is extremely important to us. Therefore, the company makes the following adjustments for the current stage.

      1. Strictly follow the highest sanitary standard of the production line

      2. Disinfect the products carefully selected by customers

      3. The online service personnel will be added to solve problems for customers at the first time in each platform


      If you have any questions when you purchase our products, please call or contact our customer service personnel online. For more new product details, please follow our homepage www.onlyonejewelry.com

      Thank you for your support. I hope we can go through a special period together. The onlyonejewelry team will continue to develop high-quality products and services for you.

      Good luck